1. Day 65 - watching trashy TV #noshame #100happydays @100happydayscom

  2. vegan-wargamer:


    So, mal wieder ein kleines Update. Hier der Shas’vre meines Geist Squads. Im Gegensatz zu den in grau-blau gehaltenen Feuerkriegern, sind die Geister sowie auch die Späher in einem hellgrau-weißen Schema mit Tarnmustern bemalt. Und sorry für die etwas dunklen Bilder, ich brauch dringend bessere Lampen.

    [Eng] So, time for a small Update. Here’s the Shas’vre of my Ghost Squad. Unlike my standard Firewarriors (blueish - grey), the Ghosts and Pathfinders are painted in a light grey - white scheme with some camouflage. And sorry for the dark pictures, I really need to get some proper lamps.

    This is beautifuly painted, congratulations :)

  3. Day 64 - took the dog for a walk on this beautiful autumn day. #outdoors #beagle #kangaroo #100happydays @100happydayscom

  4. Day 63 - played a really good game of Warmachine tonight, but the dice were against me. I then took it out on this poor defenceless bunny. #100happydays @100happydayscom

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  5. Day 62 - cuddles with my 2 favourite guys in the sun = perfect Easter #sunshine #beagle #boyfriend #100happydays @100happydayscom

  6. Day 60 - made Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday #easter #100happydays @100happydayscom

  7. Day 59 - found a whole lot of old photos in my room and this is my fav. This is my little brother and my papa doing what they love, playing trains! #family #love #100happydays @100happydayscom

  8. Day 58 - wearing my Canberra slippers and they make me feel like I have fur :-) #100happydays @100happydayscom

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  9. Day 57 - got my haircut today and met my fav hairdresser ever! She is a geek so there was no awkward conversation #100happydays @100happydayscom

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  10. Day 56 - Pooped after his trip to the vet. #beagle #bff #100happydays @100happydayscom